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 New Tire Choice - Michelin Pilot Power Pure SC

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Super Scooter Rider
Super Scooter Rider

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Location : Seattle, WA
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Registration date : 2009-12-08

PostSubject: New Tire Choice - Michelin Pilot Power Pure SC   Thu May 17, 2012 12:11 pm

I'm planning ahead for late summer when I need new tires for my bike. I usually buy my tires a couple months early, just to make sure they are available when I need them. Michelin has a new tire out that looks interesting. It is the Pilot Power Pure SC. (I'm sure someone got paid a lot of money to come up with that mouthful. Smile )

Here's what they say about it on Motorcycle Superstore's website.
Quote :
Michelin Pilot Power Pure SC Rear Tire

  • World’s first dual compound technology scooter tire (2CT)
  • Increased safety, grip, sportiness and longevity
  • Delivers feedback and grip in all driving conditions
  • Slick central portion puts more rubber on the ground to increase longevity
  • Shoulders are made with softer rubber to enhance grip and safety
  • Holds the road in wet, damp or slippery surfaces
  • Fountain tread design found in Michelin’s racing tires
It appears like it'll do everything but help you lose 20 lbs and regain all your hair!

Bike Bandit has the picture below.

The price is excellent. Motorcycle Superstore has it for $52.99. Bike Bandit was even cheaper at $48.82! I'm surprised the tire is so inexpensive. From Motorcycle Superstore, the Pirelli Diablo is $57.99 and the Metzler Feelfree is $69.99 as a comparison.

I'm curious as to how this tire will work in rain. Almost any tire will work well on dry pavement, but when the water hits the road, it is a different story. And all the tire manufacturers make wonderful claims...

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Scooter Rider
Scooter Rider

Number of posts : 14
Age : 64
Location : Pana, Ill.
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Registration date : 2011-10-30

PostSubject: Re: New Tire Choice - Michelin Pilot Power Pure SC   Thu May 17, 2012 9:32 pm

I had rear installed 1000 miles ago. Previously had hoops. Rear had half tread life left but had a slow leak, so had it changed. I love the ride with the new tire. On grooved surfaces bike would wander with the grooves and with new tire the control is much improved. I still have the hoop on the front.
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Old Limey
Silver Wing Expert
Silver Wing Expert
Old Limey

Number of posts : 875
Age : 74
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Registration date : 2010-06-09

PostSubject: Re: New Tire Choice - Michelin Pilot Power Pure SC   Fri May 18, 2012 11:46 am

On the previous front(Bridgestone Hoop) i got nearly 11,ooomls, before it was down to our legal limit in UK of 1mm. Even then it was holding as it should in the wet.The rear hoop was down to 1mm at 6,300mls. I now have a Metzeler Feelfree on the rear that has done 8,000ml and has 3mm tread left on it. I put another Hoop on the front and that has done 9,000ml again with 3mm of tread still on it. I think, in my case, i have the right combination of tyres, I think i will try a Metzeler on the front next time just to see what wear i can get from it.
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New Tire Choice - Michelin Pilot Power Pure SC
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