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 Long Trips

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john grinsel
john grinsel

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Long Trips Empty
PostSubject: Long Trips   Long Trips I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2018 7:59 pm

Having just returned from about 3500 mile car trip---my third in about 25 years---so far this year been to Maine and California on bike, CB300F....SilverWing a little more comfortable for me....but at 79, their weight bothers me.

Car trip tired me out---took 3 days to rest up.  This trip I had to use heater/AC and window defrost.   Maybe sitting and not moving hard on you.

Long bike trips---require moving around,lots of fresh air and you sure sleep well at nite.  For me, no body pain.   Return from trip, one good nite's rest and I am ready to go again.  So I am sticking with 2 wheels...besides they are fun

Something to think about.   Bike requires foam ear plugs----400 miles and my ear opening starts to hurt----I have buffeting problems solved/fixed---providing comfort with 3/4 open helmet.  on this bike.   Anyway 400 mile days can be boring.

Part of secret on long bike/scooter rides=proper riding clothes....including either waterproof boots little hot in summer or rubber overshoes.  I have new $40 mesh jacket bought on sale==seems to work as long as you keep moving
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Visiting Curmudgeon

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PostSubject: Re: Long Trips   Long Trips I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 16, 2018 7:03 am

I've just paid £30 to an audiologist to take ear impressions for a new set of custom made ear plugs. My last pair have lasted over ten years and given good service but shape of your ear canals changes over time and they're not as effective as they once wore.

I've also got some deep seated wax in my left ear that I wasn't aware of until he showed me it on a screen through the illuminated camera probe he put inside my ear. I've been trying to loosen it with ear drops for the last couple of days, but I'll probably have to have it syringed or vacuumed out.

Sadly I already have tinnitus, no doubt from my early years of riding when we were all blissfully unaware of this condition, or thought wearing a helmet alone was sufficient protection.

I dislike disposable ear plugs, the early ones were uncomfortable and I've tried many other types over the years and they were usually a disappointment. They had to be inserted 100% correctly to be effective, hardly ever worked a second time, and got dirty very easily. They're OK for a short period of time in a noisy work environment but not wearing a helmet for hours.

The last time I was out I tried a set of Pinlock reusable ear plugs I bought as part of a discount deal. Two sizes of ear plug and a filter that you swap between medium or large silicone ear plugs. Just like any other off the shelf plug fitting is critical, and you don't know if they're working until you've gone a mile or so.

I've ordered a simple pair of soft silicone custom made plugs corded together, I don't need anything else.  I don't want audio filters and leads to plug into iPods or iPhones or sat navs. I can clearly hear my sat nav instructions wearing custom made ear plugs through my helmet speakers so I don't need anything else.
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john grinsel
john grinsel

Number of posts : 2829
Age : 80
Points : 7110
Registration date : 2009-08-18

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PostSubject: Re: Long Trips   Long Trips I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 16, 2018 7:25 am

I use throw away foam plugs---large box about $28 for a supply for a year for me.

Long day, I may go thru 3 sets---I find lubing ear holes helps

In US, Industrial Supply store best price.

My hearing at 79, still here---ear plugs for about the last 40 years.
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Long Trips
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