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 120 mile ride today

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PostSubject: 120 mile ride today   120 mile ride today I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2009 7:52 pm


I went on a 120 mile ride today to a new store in Manteca, California. I think it is called Bass Outdoor Store. It is a huge store with hunting, fishing, camping, fishing, water sports, and clothing sections. I bought a comfortable pair of insulated gloves that work great. They have thin rubber pads that really grip the throttle.

I started out going about 20 miles on 2 lane winding roads only going about 45-50. So that was a nice and easy part of the ride. The last 40 miles is interstate going about 70-75 indicated. The SWing was so smooth and comfortable, although it got a little chilly going there. I was in fleeced lined jeans and a warm riding jacket but my fingers got a bit cold, which is why I bought those gloves. The store is huge and it is a chain store so I'm sure some of you have been to them. But this is the first one in the area.

On the way back I gassed up and then headed back home. After about 10 miles on the interstate a Harley merged on and before you know it he had to gas it and pass me close so I thought he wanted to show how tough he was. So I cranked it up and kept up with him and then passed him when I had a chance. I got up to 108 mph indicated which turned out to be 99.7 mph on my gps. I usually don't do this but he seemed to have an attitude so I decided to have some fun. We did this for about 20 miles or so and we finally just slowed down to about 80 indicated.

When I was going fast I was so surprised about how smooth the SWing was. It was like I was moving along on ice. I was really surprised on smooth it was. I also think that the Givi had something to do with it. When I would do this with the Clearview it would flex so bad it was like I didn't even have a windshield. So the Givi really kept the wind off of me that I don't think I felt any wind whatsoever on my head.

So that was a nice ride today. The weather's high point was only 50 degrees but the SWing does a great job with protecting us from the weather. It felt good to go out for a ride, even though it wasn't the longest ride. But it was really a very relaxing ride today. Hope others got to ride today, and for the ones who aren't able, I hope you can get on real soon.
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PostSubject: Re: 120 mile ride today   120 mile ride today I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2009 1:25 am

It is going to be in the mid 60's here tomorrow. I am going to fire up the 06 and go a ride with my DW. We just moved from Chico (not Chino) CA this past year to Tennessee. I can't belive it is warmer here then in CA..too funny. Anyway, this will not last so I am going to gather some views. Thanks for your post.
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120 mile ride today
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