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 Motorcycle TPMS

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Touring Scooter Rider
Touring Scooter Rider

Number of posts : 330
Age : 45
Location : Atlanta, GA
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Registration date : 2011-05-13

PostSubject: Motorcycle TPMS   Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:33 pm

Speaking of lost tire pressure, are you currently using a Tire Pressure Monitoring System? If so, do you like the one you have? if not, which one would you prefer to have? Are there any that you know don't fit?

I am thinking of installing the type that has the sensor as part of the valve and mounts inside the rim, not just the valve cap type that can be lost/broken/stolen. I know there are clearance issues with the back wheel so do you know if there is a sensor designed with this issue in mind?

Jesse in Atlanta
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john grinsel
Rubber band guru
john grinsel

Number of posts : 2639
Age : 79
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Registration date : 2009-08-18

PostSubject: Re: Motorcycle TPMS   Fri Oct 26, 2012 5:46 am

My take----save your money. Checking tires is individual responsibility.

I check my tires cold at least weekly with gauge. Underway, at every rest stop----that way nail/tacks/damage can be identified before more damage is done.

Also there is a "feel" thing as you ride along----bike doesn't feel right, stop and take a look.

Do gooders will no doubt have these things mandatory on bikes in our lifetime.

The lesser number of gadgets--more fun the bike is.

My BMW coupe had them----sudden temp drop overnite=on they came, get out gauge/air tank and really nothing wrong---BMW instructions, drive 10 km to see if they go out. Junk!

Sudden air loss, blow out/big puncture/tire failure just happens, regardless of checking/gadjets---ride enough and you may experience it.
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Touring Scooter Rider
Touring Scooter Rider

Number of posts : 330
Age : 45
Location : Atlanta, GA
Points : 3256
Registration date : 2011-05-13

PostSubject: Re: Motorcycle TPMS   Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:30 am

I have experienced two blowouts. Both were at low speed (less than 30mph) and both were terrifying. Thankfully they didn't occur at highway speeds and in traffic.

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Site Admin

Number of posts : 1494
Age : 66
Location : Wickenburg, AZ
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Registration date : 2012-05-17

PostSubject: Re: Motorcycle TPMS   Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:00 am

My two cents is that TPMS is handy for those who don't (won't) check their own tires. They warn of unevenness in the system.

The sensors die and have to be replaced, in fact you are supposed to replace all four at tire change time... More expense to an already spendy job!

I check all my tires frequently and for me would just as soon NOT have a TPMS system!
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Maxi-Scooter Rider
Maxi-Scooter Rider

Number of posts : 177
Location : Illinois, US
Points : 3048
Registration date : 2011-05-05

PostSubject: Re: Motorcycle TPMS   Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:26 pm

GHM-PM wrote:
The sensors die and have to be replaced, in fact you are supposed to replace all four at tire change time... More expense to an already spendy job!

All four? Must not be driving a Silver Wing...

My wife hates checking tire pressure on our cage so yeah - I use pressure caps. After using them on four wheeler for over a year without problems, I am now doing the same on the scoot and love it.

Using pressure caps saves me time and money because I'm a lot more likely to check than requiring a gauge. My 32 PSI caps work so well that I've been low-indicated for real at 30.5 PSI after several weeks since needing to add air. That makes for great even wear. I didn't see any tire deformation so the cap helped me bunches.

I am glad that my wife now tells me when she notices the tires are low rather than having to look for her. Doing this has actually helped her to do more pre-driving checks than she had before. At less than $5 per set of four, it's a great bargain for us. We keep spares (that I've pre-tested) and a pressure gauge in our glove boxes just in case.

It's pretty obvious that pressure caps don't sense over-pressure so manual checks are still required, but an awful lot less frequently. :-) Afer all, unless someone adds air or there's a dramatic temperature shift or outside air pressure, tire pressure should never go *up* enough to cause damage.

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Silver Wing Guru
Silver Wing Guru

Number of posts : 2000
Age : 54
Location : Miami, FL
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Registration date : 2008-12-27

PostSubject: Re: Motorcycle TPMS   Mon Jul 20, 2015 4:53 pm

I've been looking at all the TPMS systems available.

I have two preferences:

1. Sensors inside the tire.
2. Display permanently mounted on the bike.

The Garmin Zumo has a monitor feature and you can buy the sensors from them that go inside the tire.

The Doran 360m also has sensors that go inside the tire if you want them to.

Problem with the Zumo is it won't always be attached to the bike, as its too easy to steal.

The problem that I have with the Doran is that the display is 1.4 inches deep, making it very tough to
mount visually appealing on any Tupperware. You either have to cut the Tupperware and recess it, or mount it on a handlebar.

Does anyone else have experience with TPMS systems for motorcycles?


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Silver Wing Guru
Silver Wing Guru

Number of posts : 3077
Location : York, North Yorkshire, England UK
Points : 6198
Registration date : 2010-11-16

PostSubject: Re: Motorcycle TPMS   Mon Jul 20, 2015 5:28 pm

The Garmin TPMS is only compatible with two of their latest sat nav/GPS, the Zūmo 390 LM and Zūmo 590 LM.
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Old Limey
Silver Wing Expert
Silver Wing Expert
Old Limey

Number of posts : 875
Age : 74
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Registration date : 2010-06-09

PostSubject: Re: Motorcycle TPMS   Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:07 am

MOD EDIT: frustrated

OLD LIMEY, Post removed because it has nothing to do with the original topic of TPMS
Feel free to repost in your own topic. Please stay on topic.
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Motorcycle TPMS
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