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 Average Speed Cameras In Lancashire UK

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Jolly Bodger
Scooter Rider
Scooter Rider

Number of posts : 81
Age : 64
Location : Lancashire, UK.
Points : 576
Registration date : 2016-10-05

PostSubject: Average Speed Cameras In Lancashire UK   Mon 09 Jan 2017, 09:09

Received this today and thought it needed sharing. I can’t help feeling that bikers are being targeted here, these roads are some of my favourites in the area and very popular with a lot of bikers. I know that none of us ever exceed the speed limits but spread this info to any riders/motorists in the Lancashire, UK area.

Road casualties to be tackled with average speed cameras

This is a message sent via In the Know - Lancashire. This information has been sent on behalf of Lancashire Constabulary

Message sent by: Engagement Team (Police, Police Staff, Lancashire)

Dear *****
Eight routes where 13 people have lost their lives in collisions in almost six years (01/01/2011 to 01/10/2016) are being targeted in a bid to cut down on the number of casualties. The routes across Lancashire have seen a total of 406 casualties with 62 people suffering serious or life changing injuries since 2011.

Now the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership has given the go ahead for new average speed enforcement camera systems on the routes, with the hope of reducing the death toll and making the roads safer for all to use.

The routes are (cameras will cover traffic flow in both directions):

• A565 Southport Road (1.2m) between B5246 at Mere Brow and the Gravel Lane roundabout at Banks.
• A583 Preston New Road (7.5m) between M55 Junction 3 (Peel Road, Peel Hill), through Kirkham bypass, and Blackpool Road at Preston Old Road, Clifton.
• A588 Head Dyke Lane, Pilling (2m) between Fold House Caravan Park and Bourbles Lane.
• A59 Brockholes Brow, Preston (0.5m) between M6 junction 31 and Glenluce Drive.
• A6 London Road, Preston (0.7m) between Capitol Centre (Winery Lane) and Albyn Street East.
• A675 in Belmont (8.5m) between M65 junction 3, through Abbey Village and Belmont to Scout Road.
• A682 Gisburn Road, Pendle (5.2m) between A59 at Gisburn and Whittycroft Avenue (between Barrowford and Blacko).
• B6232 Grane Road, Haslingden (4.7m) between A56 through Haslingden Grane to A6177 Elton Road junction with Sough Lane.

Alongside Lancashire Constabulary the Partnership, which includes representatives from Lancashire County Council, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, Blackpool Council, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Highways England and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, has decided to adopt the system using average speed cameras as safety and motorist compliance has consistently improved on a variety of road types using the system in other parts of the UK.

The cameras will use number plate recognition technology to detect vehicles and calculate their average speed by measuring the time taken to travel between fixed points of a known distance apart. Average Speed Check signage will be used to inform drivers that they are entering an average speed control zone.

The introduction of the system is intended to positively influence driver behaviour and ensure that motorists comply with the set limits on roads, resulting in a safer environment for all road users.
Installation work will begin today, Monday 9 January on the first route, the A6 London Road, Preston, between the Capitol Centre (Winery Road) and Albyn Street East, with enforcement likely to begin around March. The other routes will have a staggered installation period with all cameras in force by the end of 2017.

Lancashire Constabulary’s Assistant Chief Constable Tim Jacques, Chair of the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership, said: “We don’t want to catch you speeding. Our primary aim is for all drivers to adhere to the safe speed limits on our roads, and these particular roads are proven to be amongst some of our most dangerous. - “It is well researched and documented that speeding can kill, but we know that a combination of education, engineering and enforcement can change behaviours and save lives. This is particularly important where there are recurring problems.

“The Partnership vision, ‘Towards Zero’, is that we work towards preventing all collisions that result in death or serious injury. Using clearly signed average speed cameras will play a vital role as part of this vision.”

Research by the RAC Foundation showed that the numbers of fatal and serious collisions decreases by around a third after average speed cameras are introduced. As part of the LRSP’s average speed project, research will be conducted to review speed data, traffic flow and casualty information on all of the routes.

The proposed routes chosen by the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership have been based on the following criteria:
• There is a history of collisions and casualties within the routes.
• Speed surveys indicate that speeding vehicles is an issue.
• Some of the routes have been identified as needing action around speed and road safety issues, but there aren’t any other realistic or appropriate enforcement options.

There will be sanctions for anyone detected breaching the speed limits, where eligible they will be given the opportunity to attend a speed awareness course to learn about the dangers of speeding, accept a conditional offer of a fixed penalty or for higher speeds the matter may be referred to court.

More information about the average speed cameras can be found on the Partnership website:

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Old Limey
Silver Wing Expert
Silver Wing Expert

Number of posts : 788
Age : 73
Points : 3629
Registration date : 2010-06-09

PostSubject: Re: Average Speed Cameras In Lancashire UK   Mon 09 Jan 2017, 13:05

I am glad to see these cameras being used. I was out on Sunday a ( a misty wet day) and I went over the Gisburn road from Blacko. three idiots were racing their bikes on this stretch, and braking like mad at every bend. I live near Belmont and use that road, also, a road for reckless speeding but mainly by cars. Several of the other roads mentioned I also travel on. Speed cameras hold no fears for me. Thanks for the information though. Smile
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Silver Wing Guru
Silver Wing Guru

Number of posts : 2113
Age : 75
Location : Medford, Oregon
Points : 5325
Registration date : 2009-07-17

PostSubject: Re: Average Speed Cameras In Lancashire UK   Mon 09 Jan 2017, 18:49

Keep your visor up so your smile will show up on the photos.
small moped
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Touring Scooter Rider
Touring Scooter Rider

Number of posts : 360
Location : Teesdale, UK
Points : 1033
Registration date : 2016-05-15

PostSubject: Re: Average Speed Cameras In Lancashire UK   Tue 10 Jan 2017, 15:03

There is a time a place for speeding, roads with cameras aint it. Plenty of quiet, empty roads in the UK if want to play silly buggers.
Usually cameras mean a history of problems so I see them as a good thing.
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Touring Scooter Rider
Touring Scooter Rider

Number of posts : 365
Age : 74
Location : Leyland England
Points : 2828
Registration date : 2011-05-12

PostSubject: Average speed cameras in Lancs. UK   Tue 10 Jan 2017, 21:09

These things don't always achieve their aim.  There are a lot of them on the A14 near my brother, everyone drives at the speed limit bumper to bumper and the accident rate hasn't changed at all !
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Silver Wing Guru
Silver Wing Guru

Number of posts : 2788
Location : York, North Yorkshire, England UK
Points : 5469
Registration date : 2010-11-16

PostSubject: Re: Average Speed Cameras In Lancashire UK   Tue 10 Jan 2017, 22:30

Overhead gantry mounted average speed cameras have been on the A1 in for about eight years now. They're there at regular intervals  on the narrow barriered dual carriageway sections that are being upgraded to A1(M) motorway that are restricted to 50mph. They're not a problem for me whether I'm riding or driving. My personal experience is of 90% of driver complying with the speed limit and the rest just ignoring it. Whether those drivers are prosecuted I've no idea, I just stay at 50mph on these 15 to 20 miles sections and settle down and relax until I'm through them.

As far as what they're doing in Lancashire, IMHO they've always been speed camera happy over there compared with the neighbouring counties of Cumbria, County Durham, and North Yorkshire. Installing average speed cameras in addition to fixed speed cameras, and GATSO cameras are just another way of shafting the motorist to generate more revenue.
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Average Speed Cameras In Lancashire UK
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