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 GOLD - The thread that runs through time and the souls of Man

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PostSubject: GOLD - The thread that runs through time and the souls of Man   Sat Jul 16, 2016 4:38 pm

Hi All,

Nothing about scooters, Sorry. Just finished writing a short work on the history of gold. Some may like it, some may want my head on a spike. But like always your remarks are always welcome. Be sure to go to the video links provided.

So here we go and please be honest in your replies....Enjoy!

GOLD - The thread that runs through time and the souls of Man.

Symbol: Au
Atomic mass: 196.96657 u ± 0.000004 u
Atomic number: 79
Melting point: 1,948°F (1,064°C)
Electron configuration: [Xe] 4f145d106s1
Boiling point: 5,378°F (2,970°C)

 Though the modern name for this metal is Anglo Saxon, gold originated from the Latin word Aurum (AU) or shining dawn.

 Through our history, Brother has killed brother for it….

 Men and women have sold their own children into slavery for it….

 Kingdoms and Nations have murdered millions to have it in their treasury vaults….

 World religions have used it for the harvesting the souls and corrupted good men and women to do their bidding with it….

 The mark of a mans short life, the weight of it forever bearing down until we are no more… Yet, the gold continues it's journey through time without us…And answers only to the gods.

Quick history:

 First collected 440,000 years ago by placer mining in southern Mesopotamia (now Iraq), and also southern Pakistan and India, using sheep skins staked out on the bottoms of great rivers to catch the fine particles of gold washed down from the northern mountains in these regions.

(Jason & the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece is one of the oldest myths of a hero's quest for gold).

 The first great cities made of un-fired mud bricks, sprang up along these rivers. The names of these cities were almost lost in our history. Names like ERIDU, UR, URUK, and NIPPUR. All built by the lords and their workers hundreds of thousands of years ago for the collection, processing, and transporting of gold. Gold at this time was not used as jewelry by the workers but only worn by their lords. (It is important to tell you that all the gold harvested was the property of the gods….And always will be).

 Gods and gold are eternal and you, as a human, will never be the real owner of this metal.  (For an example: The gold in your wedding ring just might be the same gold used thousands of years ago as part of a bracelet…melted down and used many times before your wedding ring was crafted).

Indus Valley Civilization

 Very soon after the establishment of the cities in Mesopotamia, great cities (again built with un-fired mud bricks) were established along the ancient rivers in southern Pakistan and India. The personal articles and images of their gods  recovered from these cities share the same look as the artifacts found in Iraq.

 The interesting thing about one of these cities is that the city builders routed the entire river through large catch basins to collect the water and gold particles.

The Move to Africa

 Gold requirements needed by the lords increased and placer mining in southern Mesopotamia and surrounding areas slowed to a small amounts. New gold rich resources were needed to be found and exploited.

 After a world wide search for a new source of gold, the lords chose south eastern Africa and hard rock mining started. Two hundred thousand years later the workers revolted against their lords and a decision was made to create a new worker race (that would not rebel and forever be subservient).

Homo Sapiens (modern man) was crated in the lords image

 By mixing the DNA of the lords with the local hominids (Homo Erectus) in Africa. The new workers learned to use the mining machines and hand tools and learned that the gold belonged to the lords and was very, very important to them.

 Note: Through DNA manipulation the lives of the workers was limited to 120 years maximum and the ability to think was limited to the job at hand.  

The lords set themselves up as gods over man and established kingships through breeding with their human creation (the royal blood lines of today).

 For 220,000 years now, modern humans have called this planet home and forever to be slaves to the gold and the gods that came here to harvest it.

The gold mines in south eastern Africa are still in operation to this day….

The SPELL continues.

 For a great read on this subject check out …Zechaia Sitchin's book  "The Lost Book Of Enki". It's an eye opener.

Thanks for reading this article,  DennisB
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GOLD - The thread that runs through time and the souls of Man
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