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 Skills on a Silverwing.

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Maxi-Scooter Rider
Maxi-Scooter Rider

Number of posts : 187
Age : 66
Location : Europe Flanders.
Points : 3062
Registration date : 2009-11-27

PostSubject: Skills on a Silverwing.   Mon 28 Mar 2011, 10:46

To the veterans on Silverwing...

About skills of the driver.

- Can make a slow 180 degr.turn between 2 walls... how many feet between?

- Can zigzagging between traffic cones..; how many feet between the cones ?

- Emergency stop on wet road. How to operate the brake levers.
How to train this ?
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john grinsel
Silver Wing Guru
Silver Wing Guru

Number of posts : 2202
Points : 5567
Registration date : 2009-08-18

PostSubject: Re: Skills on a Silverwing.   Mon 28 Mar 2011, 15:17

Feet up turn in road 20-24 feet wide. Linked brakes make it a little harder to use rear as balancing aid. Trust tires and look where you are going..

Cones----not the cheater midget cones used ins US by MSF. 30" high, 8 ft apart.

Easy, again linked brakes make it harder to use rear brake as balancing aid. High cones let you know if you hit or not.

Stops---ABS just use levers, both brakes left and right levers used for each and everystop----that way you are in habit so when emergency comes up, reaction is automatic.Reg braking system. Practice, practice. using good motorcycle technique, only left foot needs to come out.

Such things as lane splitting are forbidden by the do gooders in the US, except CA....Just think you might get ahead of some idiot in his pickup or SUV and he will try to run you down when the road opens up.....think related to penis problem.

I lived out side of US 40 years, lane splitting fun and requires great skill. I have had little old ladies in Italy smoke me in traffic circles. Little girls in Japan on 50cc scooter display amazing skill.

Ride everyday in every weather, keeps you sharp. I think two wheel sucess is skill and head based.

John Grinsel
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Maxi-Scooter Rider
Maxi-Scooter Rider

Number of posts : 187
Age : 66
Location : Europe Flanders.
Points : 3062
Registration date : 2009-11-27

PostSubject: Re: Skills on a Silverwing.   Tue 29 Mar 2011, 09:55

Thank You John.

I wil exercice those things this summer.
With plastic bottles.

I am not a hero about a fast stop on wet road.
With low speeds...30 mph ..and strait road ..ok .

High speed stop or braking in a turn is very scary.
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Silver Wing Rider
Silver Wing Rider

Number of posts : 437
Location : Central New England
Points : 3562
Registration date : 2009-03-24

PostSubject: Re: Skills on a Silverwing.   Tue 29 Mar 2011, 20:48

John has pointed out several of the more important ones. Find a open parking lot and practice as often as you can. As he pointed out slow speed turns and manuvers can be tricky with the linked braking system. You will get the feel for it with some practice. Start with wider turns (feet up on floorboards) and gradually make them narrower, left turns and right. Pivot your head and look in the direction you want to turn. In a reverse turn (180°) you almost have to look partially over your shoulder as you start your turn and trust yourself, you will find this works.

Braking is one of those things you have to do consistantly every time. Always use both brakes to stop. Practice many stops and learn how hard you can brake without locking up the tires, maitaining control. Wet stops take some added skill and these should be practiced also.

If you haven't already, find your local MSF rider safety course. They cover most of the basic skills you will need, the rest is learned from miles and time in the seat. Good luck and ride safe.
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Skills on a Silverwing.
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