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Hi, I am opening this site back up for new members. I closed it due to a few members complaining. Please just accept the site for what it is. The site is 'what it is'. We hope you enjoy the site. Please also join !!!
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 That'il doer

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Silver Wing Expert
Silver Wing Expert

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PostSubject: That'il doer   Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:33 pm

Dan and Joe, two friends, met in the park every day to feed the pigeons, watch the squirrels and discuss world problems.

One day Joe didn't show up. Dan didn't think much about it and figured maybe he had a cold or something…

But after Joe hadn't shown up for a week or so, Dan really got worried.
However, since the only time they ever got together was at the park, Dan didn't know where Joe lived, so he was unable to find out what had happened to him.

A month had passed, and Dan figured he had seen the last of Joe, but one day, Dan approached the park and-- lo and behold! -- there sat Joe!
Dann was very excited and happy to see him and told him so.

Then he said, 'For crying out loud Joe, what in the world happened to you?'

Joe replied, 'I have been in jail.'

'Jail!' cried Dan. What in the world for?'

'Well,' Joe said, 'you know Sue, that cute little blonde waitress at the coffee shop where I sometimes go?'

'Yeah,' said Dan, 'I remember her. What about her?'

'Well, the little gold-digging witch figured I was rich and she filed rape charges against me; and, at 89 years old, I was so proud that when I got into court, I pleaded 'guilty'.

'The judge gave me 30 days for perjury.'
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Dale N.
Silver Wing Expert
Silver Wing Expert

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PostSubject: Re: That'il doer   Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:48 pm

Another good one!
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carolina wing rider
Touring Scooter Rider
Touring Scooter Rider

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PostSubject: That'il doer   Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:49 am

LOL....again. Thanks for another good laugh oldwingguy. You rarely disappoint (vesparado) and please keep 'em coming.
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Maxi-Scooter Rider
Maxi-Scooter Rider

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PostSubject: Re: That'il doer   Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:13 pm

chickendance chickendance thumbs up
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That'il doer
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