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 Madstad windshield and its performance

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john grinsel
Rubber band guru

Number of posts : 2609
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Registration date : 2009-08-18

PostSubject: Madstad windshield and its performance   Sat Aug 26, 2017 9:18 am

Thinking ahead---after my SilverWing passes 50,000 miles, due to low used prices/trade in value, I just may keep it as a spare for with the heavy weight, BUT I am tired of buffeting on long rides, so my question: Anybody using a Madstad windshield set up and how does it compare to the Givi Adjustable in down the road performance?

My baseline in comfortable performance is Heinrich equipped R50 BMW----my experience dated to 1958---good in all weathers, keeping you dry/buffet free and able to see/look comfortably over windshield. Second in performance, older Harley big twin with still the up down solo seat, winterwindshield kit and tin legshields---ugly but worked well.


AND I realize it you have never had bike or scooter that offered buffet free ride down the road=nothing to say. Real comfort buffeting free ride is nice and not so tiring on long days. Vespa can be made buffeting free with the right windshield and look over height.
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Jolly Bodger
Maxi-Scooter Rider
Maxi-Scooter Rider

Number of posts : 102
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Location : Lancashire, UK.
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Registration date : 2016-10-05

PostSubject: Re: Madstad windshield and its performance   Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:39 am

I find it odd to read that you get buffetted so badly. I also have the Givi adjustable windshield set to a height that I can see the road clearly. I get NO BUFFETTING at any speed!

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Site Admin

Number of posts : 2858
Age : 75
Location : damn near Philadelphia, PA
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Registration date : 2009-06-12

PostSubject: Re: Madstad windshield and its performance   Sat Aug 26, 2017 1:39 pm

I can't understand why one wouldn't get buffeted while riding a scooter with its small wheels. Especially when riding the Interstates along with the big tractor-trailers. There are a few steps one can take to mitigate the "problem", but ultimately one needs to become one with your ride and dance in the wind.

I've had a Clearview, a Givi 214 and, currently a Givi AF214 (Air Flow) screen. I have experienced buffeting with all those screens, but none so bad as the OEM screen. The best screen IMO is the Givi Air Flow.

Comparing and old winter-screened Harley with its big heavy wheels to a windscreened-Vespa or a maxi scooter is akin to comparing cucumbers to watermellons.

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john grinsel
Rubber band guru

Number of posts : 2609
Age : 79
Points : 6532
Registration date : 2009-08-18

PostSubject: Re: Madstad windshield and its performance   Sat Aug 26, 2017 4:37 pm

Buffeting with current crop of maxi-scooters has nothing to do with wheel size---buffeting as I refer to it is around head----caused by tip of your nose being too far from tip of windshield. After many years of riding, lots of miles and over 75 new bikes/scooters and having owned bikes that had no head buffeting, I feel I know what I am talking about----SilverWing, even with Givi AF screen has head buffeting and can be pain on long trips, period. Madstad says they have cured it----like to hear from someone who has one and see if the claims are true....before I spend any money. If you look at/ride Harley with old winter set up/BMW with Heinrich equipment ( last new fairing/legshields I bought for new R60/6-1976)/bought first 1958 or Vespa P series with windshield I think made by National Cycle---all feature nose close (12 inches) or so to tip of shield. And didn't drive you nuts going down the highway for long periods and protected from foul weather/rain/snow, etc.
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Silver Wing Guru
Silver Wing Guru

Number of posts : 3039
Location : York, North Yorkshire, England UK
Points : 6086
Registration date : 2010-11-16

PostSubject: Re: Madstad windshield and its performance   Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:13 am

The Silver Wing isn't part of the current crop of maxi scooters though is it. The vast majority of us are riding the original FJS/FSC version from 2000. It's fair to say that the Silver Wing OE screen is rubbish, you come to that conclusion after a few miles into your first ride. Yet a lot of owners never do anything about it as the vast majority of used Silver Wings offered for sale still have that original screen.

It's no so much buffeting, more the seriously uncomfortable wind noise that the OE screen generates. Fitting the Airflow smooths that out, for the last five years I've had my Airflow top screen set lower than the previous years and a Wunderlich adjustable screen spoiler fitted. My preferred settings allow me to ride comfortably in all weather conditions, and there's no buffeting pushing through the turbulence when overtaking one or two or even long lines of trucks.  

That set up works because I wear a Schuberth open face helmet and for the vast majority of my rides. A quiet helmet and well fitting earplugs also make for a quiet, comfortable, less tiring ride.

The exception to this rule were the few rides I had behind the OE screen before fitting the Airflow, and the two cold, bug splattered rides home after losing those Airflow top screens which I'm hardly likely to forget. The buffeting and wind noise was downright awful, even wearing custom ear plugs.

Disregarding Mr G's constant reference to the old Heinrich vintage BMW screens which have nothing to do with FF maxi scooters whatsoever.  I can't see any advantage whatsover in having your face near a screen, anyone that regularly rides with a passenger on a Silver Wing, Burgman, or similar maxi will have occasionally experienced their passengers helmet knocking the back of theirs on deceleration and braking.

So having the screen nearer under the same circumstances it would be you head butting the screen with the front of your helmet, apart from being annoying and maybe marking your visor/face shield, it's potentially dangerous in a collision.
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john grinsel
Rubber band guru

Number of posts : 2609
Age : 79
Points : 6532
Registration date : 2009-08-18

PostSubject: Re: Madstad windshield and its performance   Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:05 am

Face near the screen is the secret----12 inch to 18 inch----just try it with Givi AF, move ahead on seat....noise/buffeting goes away. Yes nose near tip of screen maybe a little dangerous in accident situation----but you are screwed anyway.

Maxi-scooter design does not lead to great air management sit way back from screen, you head being about where the air starts to close...banging your head and making noise.

I seek some sort of comfort going down the road....know it is possible with right design. Funny thing---present day designers don't seem to ride-----Karl Heinrich got it right in the 50's, starting I think with NSU Konsul going to BMW, Glaeser got it right (full fairing, windshield that pivoted, spoiler on top) Some German Police forces loved them.--------Just look at present day HD and Indian Big Twins, touring models.....head way back from tip of shield----got to be uncomfortable.

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Madstad windshield and its performance
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